Off To The Land Of Sunshine, Spice And Serendipity

Did you know that the word "serendipity" is derived from Sri Lanka's former name, Serendib? Well now you do :)

In just a few days, I'll be landing in Sri Lanka with Chanaka and our two girls to visit our coconut and spice producers, discover new and exciting products and learn a thing or two about Sri Lanka's ancient cultural heritage. I couldn't hope for a better Valentine's Day gift!

On our last visits, we brought back stories and photos to share with our friends and fans, but this time around we want to bring you along with us for a real time adventure.

Spices, sunshine, elephants and ancient wisdom await. Oh, did I mention the food? So check back in regularly and be sure to comment and share if you like what you see.




Marise May


Marise May

May God keep you safe and have a wonderful time in Sri Lanka may you be blessed with lots of coconuts.

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