Pure, organic coconut oil you can feel good about.

Purified and deodorized without any chemicals using a 100% natural process, this coconut oil has all the coconut health benefits you're looking for without a strong coconut taste. 

Made from carefully dehydrated coconuts that are harvested from climate-friendly, regenerative organic orchards in Sri Lanka, sourced on fair trade terms and never picked by monkeys.

Ingredients: organic deodorized coconut oil.

Packaging: glass jar.

Storage and use
  • No refrigeration required
  • Solid at room temperature
  • Liquid above 24 °C
  • Ideal for cooking and baking
  • Can be used for skin, hair and dental care
Quality Standards
  • Certified organic by Ecocert Canada
  • Fair for Life fair trade certified
  • Kosher Check kosher certified
  • Unbleached
  • Non-hydrogenated 
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Sulphite free

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